Saturday, April 11, 2009

Market Day

Thank you to all the lovely visitors who came to say hello to me at the Mathildas Market on Sunday 22nd of March. It is so nice to meet and chat to other crafty loving gals.

Thanks to those that stopped by and said hello or better still took something home. I promise the funds will be put to good use restocking.

I really enjoy participating in this market as everyone is so lovely and creative.

I had a great day and look forward to returning in November with more designs!


  1. Hello there, I did see your stall at the Market - gorgeous creations. You are very clever! I didn't know you then so of course I didn't say hi. next time I will.

    grandy and baa

  2. Thanks Rach sorry I haven't replied. I wasn't able to get into the July markets however will be doing the November Markets YEAH!. Did you get a chance to go I did and came home with some lovely nick nacks...