Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I spent the day taking photos and posting items on my madeit and etsy shops. I have finally added my cookies, apple, pear and berry.

Over the last few months I have met so many amazing people through blogging...and looking forward to meeting more amazing people. You are all awesome!
To celebrate Spring and to thank you for making blogging so fun I thought it necessary to have
my 1st give away. So I have Mrs Berry to give away.
To Enter:
Simply leave a comment and tell me what you think makes a good blog site..... As I'm new to blogging I thought it would be a great way to find my feet and get some
great pointers along the way.
Winner will be announced Monday afternoon.
Happy posting...



  1. Yay!! I am first. Firstly what makes a great blog , I think , is lots of pretty pictures.

  2. I love your Mrs Berry! So so adorable.

    The following are the few points I think makes a good blog site:

    1. constantly updated : if you only update once in a blue moon, readers are not likely to keep coming back.

    2. Pretty images: It helps break up the text and who doesn't like oogling at pretty photos?

    3. Short paragraphs: People get lazy reading (isn't that sad these days?) so by keeping it short and precise, you catch hold of their attention.

    4. Formatting: An appealing formatting makes a reader stay. A haphazard formatting makes the reader just want to close the window and never go back.

    5. Interesting content: Probably the most important of them all.

    6. I also find that people like tutorials, giveaways... anything interactive. If it can involve them, they will stick around for more.

    I hope those made sense or helped in any way or form. I love your blog and I think you've already covered all the above points!

  3. Cute little giveaway.

    1. Cute pictures not just of your own things but of what fabrics you use, your studio space, pictures of things that inspire.
    2. Links to other bloggers that you like
    3. Regular posting
    4. Anythime you add a new line blog about it, anything that is happening related to your business blog about it.
    5. the more you comment on others blogs the more likely they will visit you to see what your world is.
    6. Giveaways, tutorial, links to tutorial and giveaways

  4. Hi Sarah, my tips would be definitely gorgeous photos . But first you must go and visit and leave comments on alot of blogs. That way people will come and visit you and see your beautiful blog. Just get your name out there! good luck.

  5. Gorgeous fruit!!! I love them, they're so sweet. I'm not a blogger but the blogs I love to read have great photos, update regularly (at least once a week) and interesting content such as sneak peaks of WIPs, tutorials, interesting finds, etc.

  6. Great pictures. Give aways. Tutorials.
    Regular updates. Hmmm I sohould take note of theses things too.

  7. Regular updates, photos, learning about what you are doing, and why - like how did you decide on making certain things. I like hearing about what else you are doing, like the stitches and craft show, and how you found those experiences.