Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harry's Burrito..

Today I spent the day making Burrito a fab pattern kit I got from Dear Fii at the Stitches and Craft Show.
He was so much fun to make and a easy pattern to follow....SO much I have to learn about pattern writing :)
It was a great to be making some things for Harry Today.

If you think Burrito's hands are looking a little big well thats becasue I traced around Harrisons hand and used the out line to make Burrito's hands.... I also stitched a little momento for Harrison when he grows up...

I think it turned out great Fii has a great choice in fabrics and Harrison like's his new friend...

I thought I would just show you a sneek peek of some of my new boy softie range robot (which I'm still ironing out the chinks) and Monster.... I love "Bot" the robot as he has a little door that opens to show his heart "Ahhhh"...

Bye for now!

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