Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm so happy to say that Allie's Attic at Hunters Hill on Saturday was a success. Although the crowds were a little down on what I had anticipated I put this down to the hot day. However I made the most my down time and walked around and meet a lot of lovely ladies and lads whom had wonderful stalls....Thanks to those of you who came by to say hello and it was lovely to met some new faces...I will have to post some photos of some of the stands that I feel in love with on the day...Stay tuned..
Such a lovely setting for a market.
The quality of stall holders were right up there and had such lovey wears. The grounds were just gorgeous and really added to the feel of the day....I was without child on Saturday and got to spend some time with my husband which was a joy and I wouldn't have been able to attend Allie's without his help...SO a big thanks honey!

My stand on the day. I was lucky to have been given a lovely spot..And was able to spread out...The only bummer was the sun and the sun burn to go along with it.
My new birdcages were a hit with the customers.

Hello to my new mini Owls and guess what "They squeak"

The favourite of the day would have to be the mushrooms.
I sold out of my mushroom family's....SO I guess back to the sewing machine for me as I have Bathurst Markets coming up this week and lots of orders to finish and post.


  1. Looks lovely hon, I'm thinking of applying for next year. Will you be doing it again? So glad the mushies did well. I was hoping to catch you at Bathurst (It's kinds close to where i live) but I have to go to Sydney :( Good luck with it all! xxx

  2. Looks like a lovely market ... and your stall looks fantastic!

    We had a beautiful and hot day for our market as well!

  3. Looks great Sarah! I'm really looking forward to Paddington.

  4. wow ... LOVE the birdcages... Just wanted to let you know your creations are beautiful!... I've passed on the Kreativ Blogger award... you can find out details at my blog : )