Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cubby House

Cubby houses as a kid were something that was naturally built. My cubby houses was where I felt safe and cocooned. My father built me one when I was young it was amazing it was so big my mother even made me curtains to hang in the windows. Some of the other cubby houses I remember are the ones of course made out of sheets and blankets over tables where I would fill with lots of pillows and blankets making it all snugly and cosy...
Well you need not wait any longer for a sneak peek of the cubby I have just made for Harry and Lochie (This is to be a X-mas pressie for Granma hope she likes it) and even better news I'm in the process of putting together a pattern along with a ready to buy and create version for my markets...
The front was made to look like Granmas house with matching topiary trees and all.

Harrison just loves playing with the flowers in the flower box under the window...On off on off...
Please any feedback or suggestions would be great as this is an exciting new range and I would be interested to know what you or your Children would like to see on the NEW Gifts Created Cubby houses...


  1. It looks just fantastic Sarah. You are just so amazing. Quick questions: Does it sit over a table top? What holds the structure up?

    Have a fabulous Christmas
    x Sarah

  2. Thanks for your kind words.Yes it's made to fit over a card table but I will be making them to fit a number of tables.

  3. It looks FANTASTIC Sarah. Love it. Have a fantastic Christmas!

  4. This is gorgeous Sarah! I know my Niece would just LOVE this! would love to know when a kit might be available!!

  5. Fantastic :o) I know my children would love an ice cream and cake shop !!!!

  6. What a great Idea...mmmmm cake! Thanks to everyone for your great comments just now have to get around to making them...ahhhh