Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 has well and truly began

So this year I want to get more organised and my life sorted. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year but being organised would have to be at the top of the list...So to start of the new year I made a very large ribbon board....This was soooo easy and only took about 1/2 hr... You too can create one here's a run down on what you need...

Canvas any size doesn't matter.
Ribbon (I used two different types to give it a little bit more jazz...
Staple gun and staples
fabric to cover canvas board
String to use when hanging.

lay your fabric down on table right side face down then place wadding on top lay canvas on top right side face down. (make sure when cutting fabric that there is enough fabric to pull tight and staple to back of canvas.
Staple each middle of each side of canvas once this is done work around folding the edges neatly once this is done you are ready for the ribbons you can measure but I used my eyes to determine where I wanted the ribbons to go.
I started from one corner to another stapling each time then once I had a x I started again from one side creating a little diamond in between the x ....
I then used string and stapled it to the back and hung my ribbon board on the wall and walla a new notice board ready and waiting to be filled....

Yesterday I celebrated my 32nd B'day and my sister managed to capture a great family shoot..


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Sarah! Lovely photo!

  2. awwww cute! happy birthday! I also find its so hard to get a picture of all of us together!