Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok so this weekend I didn't get much work done. I spent Saturday working on up grading my little ones room to a more playfull and useful bed room...and wallla!
I purchased this really cute Michael Miller fabric quilt, pillow and rug from Allies Attic in Paddington last year and have been wanting to make matching curtians but hadn't known where to start...But after meeting my Mum and Dad at Ikea last week I found the perfect curtins and took some of the matching fabric and sewed a strip of it over the animals that came with the curtians...I love it when things come togther.
Harrison's room of course had to have a set of my magical mushrooms for him to look at when my darling husband read's him his books that he loves ever so much these days...

My mother found this old desk on the side of the road years ago and kindly gave it to me and since then it has sat in the garage until last week when my Father in law sanded it down and gave it a new lease on life.

Harrison just loves it and thinks it's neat to hide things in...

Harrison loves his new room and to tell you the truth so do I.
A weekend well spent on my little one...
now must catch up on some orders and sewing before next weekends big event
HANDMADE in canberra....YEAH!


  1. Did you by any chance buy the febric from the lovely Corrie from Retro Mummy> I was also a stall holder at that Paddington market last year, but I didn't manage to get around to chat to everyone....I had a cold and though perhaps not the best idea to spread the cold germs on to everyone so close to Christmas. Am I correct.. were you one of the first stalls as you entered the hall? Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday! Cheers Rach

  2. Yep I was under the umbrella...with the hanging mobiles...I did in fact get some fabric from retro mummy who hasn't lol!...Looking Forward to seeing you too....