Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm sorry it has been so long between posts...I promised my self back in April that I would blog more and share my inspirations...However life has thrown a little curve ball of late. We Sold our house and needed to find another place fast...The problem was that we, and when I say we I mean my darling husband and I couldn't decide on where to live....and with only 2wks at best to find a new place to call home.
Any how after long stints on the computer (time usually put to better use like sewing) I made a short list of areas that I would like to live...I was positive that I wanted to be more apart of the community and with Harry off to school before you know it I wanted a place safe to take walks to the park etc...So after a lot of driving around we decided on Glenmore park...we were so lucky to have found a great single story 4 bedder home enough room for another little Saliba in the future (fingers crossed) with a great kithchen and to top of our good luck I will now be living on Sunningdale drive...Isn't that just the cutest name ever....So now comes the hard part and for any body that has moved of late I'm feeling your pain what a headache...The paper work, packing, sorting, throwing away, giving away the cleaning ahhhhh and to top that off if that wasn't enough we now only have 3 weeks to move and I have one of my biggest market weekend's in Canberra in between all this how will I get it all done...I think FAMILY HELP is really the key..Thanks Team we would never have gotten through this journey in our life if it wasn't for your love.
Now what to do sew or pack?


  1. Congratulations on the new house! How excited you must be (not about the packing) about setting up house and decorating in a street with such a pretty name!

  2. So glad you found a new home. I do hope you get everything packed and sorted, moving is no fun and kids don't make it any easier! We still have boxes waiting to be unpacked a year later.

  3. Is this the one with the aqua kitchen? Photos please!!! Good luck with the move - great excuse for a clean out though. We have lived in 18 houses in 13 years so I feel your pain :) Lou x

  4. Oh how exciting. After all that work you will get to live in a beautiful home and be able to sew all new things for it. How delicous.
    Best of luck for the future.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Good luck with the move. Glenmore Park is nice at the foot of the mountains. I hope you will be very happy in your new home. Best Wishes, Nic.