Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OK so I walk past this blank wall every day and, and every day I wounder what am I going to do to fill up the space. The problem I found was that it is a wall the ties my work area into our front lounge. It also happens to be the first room that people walk into when they visit us so I wanted it to make a statement.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a clipboard wall for some time and seeing that I have already made my cushions and a puff (which I'm still to complete) out of the LOVE collection from Amy Butler I thought that would be a great way to tie the two functions of this room together. 

So here you have it my completed handy clipboard wall art great fabrics and a useful function.

The wall decors were from Spotlight and I couldn't have matched the colours better..amazing how some things fall in your lap.

Now onto preparations for my sons Rainbow party  this weekend
He is turning 3 already where has the time gone..
I'm a little nervous as I'm making a 5 layer rainbow cake wish me luck.


  1. That looks great Sarah I need to so something like to keep all the school notes together

  2. They look great, just wondering if you had to remove the clip to put the fabric on? They look like such a great idea!