Friday, November 25, 2011


When the rain comes out I always make my way to pinterest of late to give me some great indoor kids crafts to do with Harrison. He loves craft and sewing so anything that he can either get a little messy with or get hands on he loves so this week we did some Foot painting and we turned his huge size 9-10 feet into reindeer's this was a great idea I saw on Pinterest and loved it. So cute....What indoor craft ideas do you have or have seen lately?

Get snail here

Today I spent some time behind the computer and uploaded a lot of stock to my made it shop so make sure that you check it out if your looking for some great Christmas gifts.

If you are in Canberra and are interested in some of these check out shop handmade this weekend I have already been informed that some have already sold so you must be quick. I do however have one listed on line.

The NEW Mr and Mrs Owls are also available online here.

My popular Babushka's are back however due to popular demand they now come with a very sweet rattle in them get them here.

And my NEW Hot Air Balloons are also online available to purchase here.
However if you would like anything you see in different colours I would be more then happy to work on a custom order for you but hurry Christmas is only 1mth away...

Now back to sewing for me...What you got planned for the weekend?

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