Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making faces

What a productive week/weekend I had. My lovely husband and son spent some time at Ikea and we got a new desk for my work space.
I had previously been sewing on a fold out trestle and found it a little difficult as it moved every time I would have the sewing machine going. It was doing my eyes in...So now we have a lovely table that not only works but looks good too! YEAH...
(Oh I use the mirror to watch the T.V behind me not to check myself!)

This weekend I was also busy making faces for my berry, apple and pear's I'm trying to get a few made for the November markets. Still have so much to do...Ahhhhh....

I also had the chance to arrange my threads.

On the family front Harrison has been sick with tonsillitis and high feeling very sorry for himself...I have been having much trouble juggling work and home life the last few weeks...


  1. I love your photos of your working space. Wish mine was quite that organized!

  2. 28, 2009 at 7:37 AM

    Very creative Sarah and how lovely that your husband got involved.. check out badskirts blog.. love it when the husbands get involved!!

  3. wow... what a lovely workspace... think I'm having workspace envy...! : ) love your mushrooms by the way!!