Friday, February 26, 2010


YAY!....It's here....
We are packed and ready to head off to Canberra for a weekend of FUN and let's hope lot's of SALES. Harrison is still in bed so I'm hoping I can get a few things done before he wakes up.
We are staying in Canberra for the night which I'm a little excited about...I've only been to Canberra once before but that was in amongst lot's of kids on a school bus and we were all bithcin about how far it was and at the time I was more interested in what was on my Walkman YES Walkman lol! then how great the sight's of Canberra are.....

So now a few (well a lot) of years later we are making the Trip to Canberra. This will be my little boy's first trip out of Sydney so double Yay for him...

Hope to see all you Ladies in Canberra well and in good spirits for a great day.


  1. love it! Hope you have your walkman for the journey ;-)

    Helen x

  2. Welcome to Canberra Sarah, see you tomorrow!! Love Posie

  3. hope you had a good day! I didn't get to walk the room and say hi but see you're at paddington this saturday and I have a helper so I'll be there and come and introduce myself!!!! we stayed the night too but my little ones weren't on their best behaviour so it was a bit of a nightmare!!!