Thursday, February 4, 2010

Craft Room

Last night I spent 2 hours with some lovely ladies and had a great time chatting , sewing. Well to be honest more chatting then sewing but I supposed that's what happens when you get like minded ladies together. Big thanks goes out to Fiona for finding a place in the Hills to hold the Craft Room. Last year I read about how much fun ladies from the craft room where having and this year I promised my self to get out of the house and mingle with like minded ladies too and to have one so close to home is such an added bonus... When I arrived home my boys (Hubby and Baby) were asleep so I stayed up late into the night trying to catch up on some sewing.. So looking forward to the next catch up....


  1. oooh sounds lovely...I ma going to my 1st local craft group next week....hope it is just as fun.

    Helen x

  2. It was just a pleasure to have you join the craft room. You are an asset of inspiration for all of us. Fiona X

  3. Sounds like fun!! Great to see you're coming to Mathilda's in Canberra. See you there!! Love Posie

  4. so glad one arrived in your part of the world!!!! always more talk and gossip than craft!