Sunday, March 14, 2010

Toadstools or Mushrooms

I'm in the process of putting together my kits and patterns for Stitches and Craft in April and have come across a dilemma what to call my pattern Mushrooms or Toadstools???
What do you think?

People have often said to me I love your mushrooms but don't know where to put them as I don't have little kids.....Well just a little look at where my mushrooms ended up last week I use to have them in the lounge room but they have made there way to the kitchen....So in response to the questions the limit to where they can pop up is all up to you and your imagination...


  1. love it sarah!! xx the dandi girls

  2. Go the toadstool, too many people refer to them as mushrooms, so toadstool makes them stand out more, they are special, colourful & not to be eaten!! Enjoy, love Posie

  3. they have to be toadstools - it has a more magical feel to it.