Sunday, July 4, 2010


OK totally been hit with a bad Flu yet again thought I was over the Flu for this winter but I appear to be wrong. As you can see I'm feeling a little sad for my self today....
I had such a long to do list to start on today that includes:
1. Pick up more ink for the printer
2. Ironing the mountain of clothing that has piled up over the last week
3. Clean up the kitchen cupboards
4. Stack some more fire wood inside
5. Harrison time (that tends to take over most of the day)
6. Complete stuffing owls and birds for some orders
ahhhh don't think I'll get half my list done today might add 2 more thing to that list
7. Make some chicken soup for dinner
8. Go to bed before 10pm.
Might take me the hole week to get through the rest of the list but will have to make the last 2 items a priority if I wanna get better any time soon.


  1. Oh Sarah, I'm sorry to hear you are sick again. I don't think this sudden cold weather is helping. Stay warm and take it easy.

  2. Sorry to read that you're sick for the second time with the flu! Get well soon!