Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Over the weekend I spent some time on some of my home to do list I painted a feature wall in the front lounge a fantastic bright Aqua and got to changing the fabric on our dinning room chairs.
 I purchased the fabric at spotlight in the furnishing section it goes great with the overall theme of the room.

I'm also thinking about giving all 8 chairs a sand and  painting them a deep blue to match the fabric but my darling husband is trying to tell me that it wont match the wooden table??mmmm
What do you think?


  1. Do it babe! I think that whatever you do will work well. You've got a good eye for colour and pattern which shines through your work. Nothing I own "matches" but they all look great together, well...I think so anyway, and thats what matters isn't it? (my poor husband!) xxx

  2. Paint the table a contrasting colour, or just paint the legs on the table. What ever you do it'll look beautiful.....your style is gorgeous!

    I'm heading to Goondiwindi next for the markets, but as I was saying to my husband last night I'd love to do a big one like Matildas or the Handmade one in Canberra.....I think I'm brave enough now.