Monday, September 19, 2011


OK so it has been a very long time since I blogged...Life has just gotten away with me. Back in August I was lucky enough to go on a ladies crafting weekend with some dear Friends. I learnt how to pieced together a quilt and got some more crochet done so it was very productive. I totally feel in love with these ladies even more. If you know me well you know that I don't get out that much so having a group of ladies to craft with laugh just makes me wanna cry with joy!

This was Peta's amazing quilt I'm loving the colours...

 This is the piecing of my quilt I made it a queen size so now have to get some one to bind it and have it machine quilted together.....

On the 13th August my brother & I took the boyz Harrison and his Cuz Lochie to the Handmade Revolution open day at Powerhouse Discovery Centre, Castle Hill. They had an amazing time Harrison's fav part of the day was doing some Paper Lace art works.
I was also lucky enough to run into some amazing ladies Cass, Lisa and Fiona and there families...

During August I have also been making changes to Harrison's little boy room. One which included getting some $2.50 each spice racks from Ikea painting them Red and using them as a book nook for Harrison to see all his Fav books on display.


  1. Oh you've done your book racks already! They look amazing!!! I think I have a spot for mine, so I should get going!

    When are we going away again????