Tuesday, November 15, 2011


OK so I have been away for long enough and I thought I would let you all know what I have been up to of late...I have been focusing on my family and health over the last few months and have neglected to keep my blog up dated....I'm still alive and everyone in my life is healthy and Happy.

Because the weather has been crazy hot over here in Sydney Harrison and I have been spending some time at the pools and last week we meet a friend and her little daughter for a great time in the water. Harrison seams to be liking the water more and more and will be finally taking some lessons next week.

Harrison has been drawing around the clock and is loving any type of art work at the moment which to be honest with you I'm loving....SO I got some frames and have framed his fave images. My fave is the one on the right it's a picture of our family including his bear and the sun...(love that our ears are long lines coming from our heads very cute)

We also went to one of Mario's customers / Friends place for a BBQ dinner and Harrison had a chance to get on a Quad bike for the 1st time he was so
cute and loved every minute of it.
He is growing up so fast.

Harry has also been spending every 2nd weekend with his Cuz which he is loving. They are the complete opposite to each other witch some how makes there relationship work so well. We took them to the Aquitic centre in Homebush which they loved however my brother, Mario and I all feel into a heap after getting home from being so tired of running around after them all day.

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