Monday, January 9, 2012


OK I know I'm running a little late in the posting but I'm trying to catch up on some quilting I have been wanting to do for some time now will give you a sneak peak son!

Our welcome to 2012 was amazing I had the best night we went down to the local grounds and had handmade sausage rolls, turkey and cranberry eats and salmon brushetta.

My hole family came out to see the 9pm fire works and the kids had the best time
I printed out some 2012 colouring in pages to keep them keen. 

And as a big and little kids love Bubbles were the winning entertainment of the night along side the fireworks we has such a lovely breeze however needed to reposition our self a few times as they tended to end up in our neighbours faces a few times whops!

I had a great night chatting to my little sis who is having a baby in May. So we had lots to talk about including what we are going to do for her baby shower in March....

Last but not least we put the kids to bed then went home and checked out the fireworks on the TV and I'm all for a little kiss on new years how about you!

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