Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's been some time since I've had the blogging bug I have been meaning to blog about what I've been up to lately however time and circumstance's have prevented me from taking some time out to tell you all where and what I have been up to over the past few months!

 My sister Emy had a baby the cutest little girl names Raffi-ella  and I made some of my hot air balloons and clouds along with a matching blanket for her nursery.   
Emy and I also worked on a wire wrapped name for her wall. I'm really happy with the way it turned out as it looks as though it's floating through the air. 
This is little Raffi-ella she is so adorable and has started to giggle. My ultimate fave 
sound would have to be a baby / child giggling! 

During my time away Harrison has also gotten a hair cut he is such a big boy and ready to take on the world. I asked him if he could please stop growing and he said I have to get 
bigger Mummy so I can help Daddy on the job. 
What could I say to that? He often has me speechless.

 We have also during my time away from Blog land been revamping the house with a paint job we decided to paint the entire house the same colour. I was tossing up between white or grey however in the end we chose grey. Even though the entire house is in the same colour each
room looking very different and has it's own style.  
I made this simple quilt for Harrison's bed so very easy!
 We have also framed some of his work in his room and often change it when he is feeling artistic.
 Harrison has also been very hands on during the painting process and we still have the main bed room and laundry room to go it's a very slow process but we aren't in a rush so when we get a chance we try to get one room completed at a time over a weekend. 
 This is the last room just completed our Guest room ready for friends and family to pay a visit.
Looking forward to sharing more of what I have been up to whilst absent from the blogging world shortly I promise you wont have to wait so long between posts!

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